Era 10

6/1/2021 - 10/31/2021

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Era 10 has ended, Era 11 Beta will be up and running shortly
We want to thank those who participated in Era 10 to help keep this game going strong.

Era 11 Beta will be sped up a lil to get the game going, there will be changes during this beta as well as alliance features added as we go. We hope you will all help with the testing and give feedback on Discord to help us decide what we will be keeping for Era 11.

Final Rankings have now been finalized and you can check where you finished below.

Congrats to the below for their effort in Era 10!! (Top 5)

#1 DaZ--RL
#2 Burntorc_FFLoP
#3 TheGodfather_LaCN
#4 Kaza
#5 CondeAvila

Honourable Mentions!

Top Ranked Alliance | #1 RelentlessLegacy
Smallest Army in Top 50 | #42 KillerK : 214,739 Orcs
Highest gold held at the end | #598 Main-RB : 145,729,488,445 Gold

Top player for each race

Humans #23 : yangmeister666
Dwarves #4 : Kaza
Elves #3 : TheGodfather_LaCN
Orcs #1 : DaZ--RL
Undead #52 : PaPaPostal
Hobbits #6 : CondeAvila

Era 10 Final Stats

Era 10 Final Alliance Stats
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