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Sweet Revenge

Post by MadGeorge » 3 years ago

Forums: http://www.srforums.net

Telegram: https://t.me/SweetRevengeSR

Discord Server: https://discord.gg/FQRswKY

Leaders: sheepz, Anvox, Misspoes

Founder: Baigo


Sweet Revenge was founded on age 7 by Baigo-SR as a very small project with the objective of creating a great alliance where all the members would be tied by strong bonds of loyalty and friendship. After a while, SR started to become big and turned into one of the BEST KoC alliances. Currently we are the BIGGEST, and looking to continue to grow.

You might be wondering why you should join us. A lot of people told me they do not want to join an alliance because they would not be able to attack members of the clan. That's not true. Sweet Revenge allows and support in-chain hitting, that way the gold stays within the clan!

We have a really active Telegram Channel where you can find assistance 24/7. Our helpful members will be glad to sort out and guide you with whatever problem you have.


The main goal of Sweet Revenge is to have fun, and win!! We have many members who know the game well, and strive to do their best. We are very loyal and look to help improve all our members, grow stronger, and work together. Current leadership is working hard to bring changes to Sweet Revenge, changes that will not only improve the alliance, but our members as well.
The alliance has had to fight through many wars the past ages, which has brought the core of the alliance together in a much stronger bond and attracted a large number of newer players who are growing within the community.

Era 1: Rank #1
Age 23.5: Rank #3
Age 22: Rank #1
Age 21: Rank #1
Age 20: Rank #1
Age 19: Rank #1
Age 18: Rank #13 - 40k UP - Largest account in the age
Age 16: Rank #1
Age 15: Rank #2
Age 14: Rank #2
Age 13: Rank #3 (With a trickle account)
Age 12: Rank #1
Age 11: Rank #3
Age 10: Rank #5
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Re: Sweet Revenge

Post by HaRdHouse » 3 years ago

SR is the place to be! :twisted: :twisted:
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