La Cosa Nostra (LaCN)

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La Cosa Nostra (LaCN)

Post by FighterOfLife » 3 years ago

BF Policy:

Founded by TheGodFather_LaCN and AngelOfDeath_LaCN on 21.04.2004 with help from a few guys we consider family already. We wanted too make an Alliance based on what we consider important values both on koc and real life. The name reflects what we want to become, a family were people talk with each other, respect each other and work for the best interests of the Family. Stay active and live by the code and you will achieve promotions, climbing the alliance hierarchy.

The Omerta Codes for La Cosa Nostra: Omerta: The Code of Silence, Honor and Loyalty.
One of the most important rules of being part of the greater Family of La Cosa Nostra is Omerta; the code of silence, honor and loyalty each honorable made man takes when he enters the Family. It essentially means that a made man is never to discuss any Family business or activities with any outsider, vows to respect the organization's rules, hierarchy, rules of conduct, and punishments for breaking any code. Loyalty is proven by living by the code and be active showing that you work hard for the Family to prosper. “You become a rat by breaking the code, and you'll pay with your life (it's not only the Mounties who always get their man).”

In return, the Family protects and supports you (and in case of Final Death, supports your Ghouls and mortal family). We offer you access to our own tools, tutorials, entertainment, coaching and help, through our private forum , Discord and WhatsApp. You trust and rely on your Family in bad times, just like in good. That support is always there if you are loyal, productive or an influential member within the Family. Above all, the honor code implies that no Kindred, Ghoul or mortal mook is above his Family, and that no bloodsucker should put anything or anybody ahead of his Family, his Clan.

I want to join LaCN!

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Re: La Cosa Nostra (LaCN)

Post by Red » 3 years ago

I joined LaCN back in Age 7. I immediately found the members to be helpful and nice. I grew to admire and respect many players. Some would go out of their way to find me gold,giving me that personal attention via private message to ensure that I got the hits. I found advice on building my account,all my questions were answered and helpful tutorials were linked to me so that I could read up in more detail.
When I was studying to further my working career I found my LaCN family to be supportive and helpful.
During times when I was feeling down and low in real life my LaCN family was there for me showing support and encouragement.
Many years later I have found lifelong friends,and have met at least 4 family members now in real life,as has my youngest child who immediately liked and respected a fellow LaCN player as if he really was family and in our eyes he is.
Each KoC alliance would have this 'family feel' I imagine,but I cannot ever imagine me being anywhere else other than LaCN.
My LaCN family means a lot to me and even when I took a break from playing I still kept in touch now and then with them.
On discord I can catch up with my LaCN family. I also chat with others no matter what alliance they are in. I live by the Omerta code of LaCN but I can still have fun and joke around with others. KoC maybe a war game,but there are many nice players in all alliances.
No matter which alliance you choose to join I wish you the best of luck. But my personal favourite is of course La Cosa Nostra where my family comes from all over the world meaning that at all times of the day and night someone is there to chat to if I cannot sleep,or a quick chat while I eat lunch.

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Re: La Cosa Nostra (LaCN)

Post by Strange1 » 3 years ago

I have been with LaCN since 2009, started playing koc in 2008. One might wonder why I and others like me are with LaCN so long playing a text based game which has hundreds of thousands of rivals in free pc games including ones with actual "graphics".. imagine!

Well the answer is simple, being part of LaCN is what has kept me playing. Same as every alliance it adds depth and strategy to the game however more importantly its the people you meet. Its the laughs we have in our chatrooms and the buzz when we go to war or the start of a new era or the end of an era trying to get our main account to rank as high as possible. Its cheering on the sell catchers or crying when your sell gets caught. Its the social side of the game and newcomers to LaCN are especially welcomed!!!

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Re: La Cosa Nostra (LaCN)

Post by Screwy » 3 years ago

Well, LaCN is simply one of the oldest and still active alliances ;) Joining means you gonna meet some awesome people and future friends for sure!

We have gone through everything, we were underdogs, we ruled the top ranks and we had our bad times as well. La Cosa Nostra Alliance is a really interesting place to be! Our core members can teach you a lot about KoC atmosphere, KoC unwritten rules and of course we can help you choose how to run your account in the best suitable way for you :)

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Re: La Cosa Nostra (LaCN)

Post by Spiderwoman_LaCN » 2 years ago

I love being in LaCN as we are a family and support one another.

Spiderwoman aka Kokyanwuhti in Hopi, creator & weaver of life, the great teacher, sacred guardian, overseeing the welfare of all those in need to southwestern Native American cultures.

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