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Post by bon » 2 years ago

Due to certain issues associated with this current Era, and our stance on not making gameplay changes during a current Era we have decided to end this Era 4 in approximately 1 month.

We will put up an end of Era timer 3 days before the end to give players time to get ready to try for the win.

What we would like to know is, and if you can keep your responses in this format it will make it easier for us to compile a list.

-Exp for Turns fix? (We need to find a balance so turns are not as abundant as they are now)
-Possible additions? (Anything you might like to trade for? Might make it might not but doesnt hurt to make a suggestion)

-Possible Era 5 length? (Should we run another 1+ month to see the balance with the Exp to Turn trade change?)

With the addition of the upgrades for the SAFE and the EXP per turn we did not anticipate the abundance of turns being used. We are looking to fix the issue but would also like some indication of Upgrade levels and costs to fit with an appropriate Era length to make sure we have the game going in the direction we would all like to see it go.

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Post by Spiderwoman_LaCN » 2 years ago

For trading I would suggest limiting the number of trades a person could do a day. Just like how many times you can hit a person and recon or sab. A good limit would be you can do 3 trades per day so choose wisely.

Also in Eras that are 4 months or shorter you need to reduce the conquest levels as right not only a few get past wizards. I would suggest just doubling the numbers instead of jumping from 840,350 to 5,882,450 to 41,177,150 but also making the gap between the lower ones a bit more also to spread them out so it takes a bit longer than one day to do the first 4 or so. 50 to 500 instead of 350 and then to 5000 instead of 2,450 and the next jump to 50,000 instead of 17,150 and then say to 500,000 instead of 120,000 but after that do like a times 4 and eventually the higher ones should only be doubled.

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Post by Kaya » 2 years ago

i feel if the admins have it all sorted out why wait ?? tempers are rising and activity will fall off but ppl are loving this new type of playing but might not bother if they have to wait a month knowing things will change again so no point any longer ....we know what needs sorted or tweaked to sort out all whats wrong

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Post by QoSD » 2 years ago

Waiting a month to end this era seems insane people will just stop playing. I don't mind changs being made in the middle of an era instead of it ending in a month; otherwise just put a timer up and end it in a week or so.
The turn situation is out of control and needs to limited especially the trade feature. We are currently getting between 1 to 2 turns per minute and then people can also trade them. Making the xp for turns trade feature more expensive might help also.
I do believe the clicking situation/morale is rather spot on. I also like the reverse trickle.

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Post by dregan » 2 years ago

If the rest of the numbers stay as they are, 1000exp for 300 turns will give a better balance without eliminating the all out attack trade strategy. what i would personally like to see is a cap on the number of officers bonus. (to like 5/player, its silly for a player with 0 officers try to compete one with 30clickers boosting ), cos even if this era goes for another 2-3 months non of the slayers stands a chance to win due to tff limitations (gold will not be an issue. 1-2 sells at the highest tff in the end and there you have your winner.

i would like to see this era lasting 2 to 3 more months to have a better view when econ starts paying off those who went all econ

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Post by Sir_Smokesalot_DEMK » 2 years ago

Bon I personally love the new changes.... Thank you for attempting to bring balance back to the game.

As for the "abuse of turns" this is all a numbers game. As with every age, everyone uses turns quickly during the first week, because there isnt anything else to do besides click, and we all usually go for getting our unit production an covert upgrades lol. Every age we all complain about shit hits start of the age, no matter what!

So this is all a numbers game. Please try to follow me here. With these new dynamics your looking at shorter ages to nurf this strategy, but still allowing for more active game play. For example It takes approximately 615k xp to max tech, approximately 1.2m xp to max econs. With an average of 10xp per min it would take 127 days to max these.

Currently every trade exchange for turns costs approximately 155 xp per exchange lost. So you see even having a 3 month age with no change to dynamics would nerf the strategy. As it takes 42 days at 10xp per min to max techs alone without any econs, and without exchanging xp for turns. For instance since i slayed like mad my tech is only at 2.5x when others have 3x tech and econs. So there are trade offs, and this is just the first week. We have gone 20 years literally with the old dynamics of whoever has the biggest tff is going to win the age. Literally that has never changed until now with these new game dynamics. I would love to see how this plays out.

Once people have aats we will be able to sab, and people will step off. I have already started sabbing people who online hit me, and such. It helps deteriorate some of the madness. One thing which may help larger tffs is giving a better percentage when attacking someone with a similar tff size. Ive literally attacked people with 100 less troops then me or even 10 less troops an stolen 60% of their gold.

Suggestions for the current situation:

-Turn age into another beta age, with tweaking being done. (Dont do the goldrushes, so we can see how game play will be)
-Allow age to go for 2 months, maybe 3 to see the extent of the new features
-Cap xp per min at 10-16 xp per min
- up sabbing damage to double its current amount of damage done by 1 player, and in total.
- tweak % stolen from slight tff differences like 15k attacking someone with 12k tff steals like 85% or something like that. May help larger players adapt better
- I honestly think it is unfair to every player who has gone ages supporting all the mains of thier alliances to finally have a chance to do well based on some actual game play.

I might provide more feedback later, but think this covers most of my points fairly.

For additions to be added to trade for, you could make it optional to purchase gold, or upgrades for xp. This would also shift a balance in turns being exchanged for xp, because it would put a direct cost to it. For instance lets say 1000xp buys you 10m gold, or buy an upgrade for 20.000 xp that costs like 250m or for instance last covert upgrade. It would nerf/create a minimum attack amount. An create strategy among xp usage.

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Post by King_Caulk » 2 years ago

Because of the feedback loop of xp traded for turns + 1440 normal turns, which is then converted back into xp when the turns are used, these are the amounts of slays you can do DAILY with 1 xp/turn, 2xp/turn, 4xp/turn, 6xp/turn etc:
119 157 232 308 384 460 536 612 688 764 840
That's lets say 40% of people in the late stage of the era doing 840 slays a day when they have max tech and max econ. Given that there are 1440 minutes in 24 hours that means the average time between each slay will be about 4 minutes, assuming half the worthwhile targets are active slayers in the end game (if all worthwhile targets are active in the end game then average slay will be 2 minute tbg).

Four major balance issues:
-The xp/turn upgrade costs gold, encouraging early slaying to get this upgraded asap. Worsened by there being so many levels that it takes a lot of slaying to get max level.
-Each xp becomes 0.47 turns when traded into turns.
-Each turn becomes 1.75 xp when used to slay.
-The other trade options than xp for turns, are worthless. So 100% of all XP trade is turn trades.

When you trade xp for turns, then slay with those turns, you only lose 18% of your xp each cycle. And with 20xp/turn you have 28 800 xp per day, which reduces by 18% every time you go through all the xp. So its an eternal struggle to slay.

The soldier trade is worthless. No one actually uses some xp to get more soldiers instead of to slay. You get 1200/turn gold income from 2000 xp, if you trade for soldiers, but with imperial econ you get 274 650/turn more gold income for 76 800 xp. That works out as 0.6 gold/xp/turn and 3.57 gold/xp/turn respectively. Making the soldier trade function absolutely and utterly less than worthless before you get max econ. And once you get max econ tech makes soldier trade worthless, so we need a very long era indeed for soldier trade to be worth it as is.

Lets do the math on how soldier trade is versus slaying: Current pathetic slays are 2 000 000 gold costing just 37.5 xp (You use 212.5 xp to get 100 turns, which then becomes 175 xp again). That means you get 53 333 gold per xp from slaying. So if you spend the cost of the imperial upgrade on slaying then you get 2900 slays which means 5.8 billion gold, in however short a time you can slay 2900 times. So effectively the current slaying situation makes all other strategies absolutely worthless. And since the era will be 1 month long its even more so that all non-slaying strategies are worthless.

I think we should just have a poll about a reset now.

Changes should be:
-Only get 50 xp per slay.
-Max xp/turn upgrade is 10.
-New xp to turn trade should be 2000 xp for 500 turns (or 1000xp for 250 turns, etc).
-New soldier trade should be 10 000xp for 10 000 soldiers and no other levels (this still makes the income bad compared to econ and safe upgrades and slays, but you won't run out of hands to hold weapons in the late game, and the amount of 10k soldiers at a time means you have to plan for when you want to do it so you have gold to train them and gold to get mercs).
This works out as 58 slays a day with max xp/turn upgrade. A fitting middle ground I think, we can always unlock 12xp/turn and 14xp/turn etc later in the era if we feel like we want a higher rate of slaying. 58 slays a day is four times what it used to be before xp/turn trade.

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Post by chrisl7605 » 2 years ago

Just allow people to buy unlimited mercs and maybe add more upgrades. Could also up sab % per person.

Turns arent "too op" because every account gets turns and can slay.

no one, including mains, are being put at a disadvantage.

I know, turning on a ****** and leaving your computer on is a lot easier play style. But making people farm for their gold gets way more accounts involved.

The Era should go at least 2 months.

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Post by Rowe » 2 years ago

Firstly, I have been quite out spoken whilst lying on a beach drinking beer but I do appreciate the new features. I guess my frustration comes that there were serious bugs with the exp and safe not working which gives the opportunity for ridiculous steals which IMO shouldn't happen in a proper era.... I do appreciate this stuff happens.

The trade feature is a great idea, I would probably have:-
1) Made Turns cost twice as much - I think it is great to encourage slaying... just not unlimited or without an impact on exp. Another option would be to have the turns cost more exponentially like econs, upgrades etc rather than a fixed cost.
2) I would have reduced the cost of soldiers as it is not viable
3) I have for a long term said economy is poor value for money. By doubling the gold gain I think will improve the diversity on the battlefield and close the gap to the mains. We saw that at the start of last age when it was bugged and then correctly it certainly would have made the start more interesting.

Exp upgrades - The values should depend on the age length and if the admins want accounts to max econ and tech trees easily. Personally I would have gone for a 1-5 or 1-10 exp upgrade tree.

Safe - Seems reasonable so far , I may tweak depending on the above. For example, if slaying was not nerfed as much with no econ upgrades I would reduce the cost for the earlier upgrades significantly.

Do we need a beta era? I thought that is what the speedrounds are for? I have not played them but if we are not picking this kind of feedback from them then we must ask if we are using them properly.

I'd rather end this ASAP (I don't see point in doing 1 month after a speedround). Arguably would be better to do 2 months if carrying on but would really hurt the game IMO.

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Post by Anoniem » 2 years ago

Turns how they are now are to OP. It need a litlle tweeking. But it gives also a playstyle we never had before! And that play style I like in a way. Small accounts with no officers have still a chance to reach good rankings. Downside is you have to bank every few minutes, that works on your nerves!

The trade for turns must go up a bit. That you can make around 50/60 attacks a day that seems quite fair. Maybe at Max xp a bit higher but it will need some calculations how it works out! Still needs to be chaos! Like the game is called

Xp/ trade for soldiers can go down a bit I think. Didn't use it because it looks to expensive now. But maybe late game after buying tech or eco it could be useful, not sure?

Xp/turn is a nice feature! Max should be on 20 to reach max tech or eco if you want. Only the most active people will manage to get a hold of this because it cost allot. So it will take some effort.

Most IMPORTANT for me is that i Love to see a change in officers with 5/10 max officers for a account. now if someone have 50 officers or more he become to strong in a short time. So with 500 active accounts you will have 50/100 stronger accounts that are still able to slay and compete with each other. So there will not be intouchables accounts. It gives everyone a fair fight. And still a chance to win the game

The rest seems fine how it is.
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