Auto-scripting is at an all time high and its completely ruined this game

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Auto-scripting is at an all time high and its completely ruined this game

Post by ChaoticOne » 2 years ago

Its impossible to enjoy this game anymore. The moment you set up a nice chain attack, or sell your safe off to try and pay for any reasonably expensive type of upgrade (20 mill or more) you are instantly attacked by multiple players from the larger alliances due to their scripted/automated spy accounts instantly alerting people to hit you, and it certainly seems like many players themselves having scripts running to automatically attack the targets they are alerted to. Doesnt matter what time of day it is, early early morning, late at night, middle of the workday. Makes no difference, no time is safe anymore. I've tested it several times over the past few days. You will be instantly spotted and attacked by people in a matter of seconds, before you even have a chance to click sell, refresh a page, and click a button you were already prepared to click. And its fucking pathetic. The skill in this game is entirely gone, everything is done for you and handed to you on a silver platter, you dont even need to be at your computer. Just set it and forget it.

I used to enjoy the challenge as a casual solo player, seeing how high I could climb every Era, based solely on my own strategy, skill, and the minimal amount of time I had to invest in this game. But the deck is so ridiculously stacked against people not taking advantage of all of these "tools" every alliance has now, from the auto-clicker recruit scripts, to the access to the spy-bot accounts, to automating every single facet of this game now so you don't have to put any thought or effort into anything now. The recruiting messages are all the same BS, highlighting how if you join X alliance, we have our own site / forums with access to all of these scripts to "help" you succeed in this Era! What a joke.

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Re: Auto-scripting is at an all time high and its completely ruined this game

Post by bon » 2 years ago

Automated tools are not allowed at all, if you suspect someone of using such a tool then contact me, I am not hard to find on discord.

Alliance scripts are allowed as long as there is no automation.

As to any other tool you think someone is using then feel free to message me and I will look into it.

There are a lot of players watching the battlefield due to the insane amount of turns players are able to trade for, that issue will be resolved next Era. Also especially when an end to an Era is announced the amount of players watching for sells increases.

There are ways around speeding up your spending for an upgrade or removing gold from your bank to spend on weapons and that just includes using 2 windows to do so, one with the safe and the other with the armory page or upgrade page side by side so the instant you withdraw or sell you can spend straight away.

Anyway due to this post being about illegal tools I am closing it to stop the trolling that will start. If you seriously want something checked out message me on discord.