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Re: Public Alliance Recruiter Links

Post by Squishy » 2 years ago

as long as the private scripts follow rules and there are public scripts which do the same there is fair play. all private scripts are based off the same source code with only minor little features to seperate them. those features as an advantage are slowly dissapearing now that koc can track and display clicks thus preventing clicking stats from being hidden. this was really the only good feature before as traking those clicks was paramount in rewarding activity, having comps etc etc evything else was just flash and pizaz.

a central koc hosted equivilent to the software we have all been using for years will eliminate the need for alliance hosted scripts (and the backend maintenence to keep them runnning) unless the server cant handle the koc one in which case private clickers might prevent some lag. everything else can be readded via recoding of script tow work with koc clicker.
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Re: Public Alliance Recruiter Links

Post by MadGeorge » 2 years ago

Macmoney wrote:
2 years ago
sounds like collusion

easily could be implemented in the rules of scripts to say that the clickers have to be public IE making sr and cerbs illegal.
I compared the code from LaCN clicker to GO clicker the other day, and apart from customization and some stability edits, they are based from the same code still to this day. SR clicker provides the links in no particular order and provides no strategical advantage to any player.

The main reason for it being restricted was because it is integrated into the GO code. This allows for access to it to be restricted to SR players only, competitions to be run and logged in the database, and for SR players to have everything in one place ;-)

In short, the moment SR clicker is illegal so are the rest lol
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Re: Public Alliance Recruiter Links

Post by Dank » 2 years ago

LaCN public recruiter will be down for updates Wednesday 4p GMT for about 30-75 minutes.

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