Huge mistake by KOC admins, unlimited sabbing ???

Holy Crap!!! That was fast!!

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Huge mistake by KOC admins, unlimited sabbing ???

Post by Teumessian »

Sabotage change update

Sabotage was changed to unlimited sabbs which led to accounts being zero'd.

Sabotage changes as follows, unlimited has been removed for the remainder of this Speed Round, it has been changed to how sabotage will be in Era3.

So i wake up this morning after a week of building and...

Lost From Sabbing Today 1,314,282,089,000,000

are you serious? How can this possibly make sense its unfair advantage so some people can destroy entire accounts and then revert to normal sabbing while other people have zero accounts. Someone explain how this is considered fair. i cant imagine a worst decision being made
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Huge mistake by KOC admins, unlimited sabbing ???

Post by bLaZe- »

Its gonna be ok... its a test round and this won't happen in a real age. This has been about having a little bit of chaos and chance to try out new things. I wouldn't take ranking to seriously. I had an account worth nothing yesterday and just hit 50 people and have top 100 stats... just enjoy for now and don't take it too personal!
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Huge mistake by KOC admins, unlimited sabbing ???

Post by bon »

This was not a normal round. This is the first speed round KoC has ever had. It’s also a round to push the limits of the game and servers.

Do you really think KoC starts with 500k tff and 250k coverts or any of the other features we put into this speed round. Gold rushes, extra turns, exp given, was due to this being a test speed round.

Testing the limits helps us to make KoC better for all. Sure unlimited sabbs was not the best decision but it gave players a chance to experience something that has never been done. Players after we’re given 350m tff and with that flooded the game with gold to give players a bit more fun in the final hours.

Take this round for what it was a speed round/beta testing. The next speed round will be a lot more organized. Era3 will start shortly and I’m hoping changes tested during this speed round will be beneficial to the game.
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Huge mistake by KOC admins, unlimited sabbing ???

Post by Squishy »

its a speedround it meant to be testing granted i understand about the posted stuff on the homepage changing but it was also said that things could change at any time. closing this thread as we already have a thread for speedround 1 in put please use that one.
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