Global Forum Rules / Guidelines

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Global Forum Rules / Guidelines

Post by Squishy »

Been meaning to due one of these for awhile, things are not as strict as they where on gua but we still need to have some standards, most of the vets transitioned well so consider this a broad refresher and more importantly a beyond "common" sense list of the not so obvious ones for new players. please note that this is subject to change at any time for any reason with or without notice and are applicable to all areas of he forums superseding all individual board rules unless otherwise noted in this thread.

  • No flaming of other members or site staff with the specific intent to be a general asshat (we all know what i mean so dont argue it every site under the sun who allows user content or communication has this rule.)
  • Don't argue with site staff
  • No abuse towards admins and developers (constructive criticism is appreciated though so use your head)
  • Try and use the edit button rather then posting multiple posts back to back
  • Do not post any pornographic, Illegal, or Blatantly offensive content in any area of the forum or personal profile in any way shape or form this is including but not limited to text, images, links to prohibited content
  • Please keep Signature images and formatting to a respectful size so they dont stretch out the forums vertically or horizontally beyond what should be common sense
  • Keep content files in signatures to appropriate levels, some people use mobile so multiple gifs or one large one that is hogging bandwidth or causes an excessive site load or lag when being viewed will be removed.
  • There is no need to play backseat moderator, if you see offending content please use the forums report feature or PM a member of The Team to bring it to there attention.
  • Do not attempt to hack, crack, circumnavigate the forums,Terms of Service, Privacy Policy or any of the content on the forums or Game or try to gain access to any site assets, content, or user accounts that are not yours or you do not have proper privileges to access. This is no joke, hackers and all the associated terms that commonly go with them are bannable offensives on the spot and that ban may be permanent
  • Unless specifically noted to not post any personal information about yourself or another member on the forums. this information can include but is not limited to; Names, phone numbers, addresses, IP Numbers, Social media or messenger names or links. Engaging in some of the sites official social media and messaging platforms opens up a user to a certain amount of risk we do not wish to bring that risk to the forums. the only exceptions to this rule are again those threads and areas specifically noted as well as the profile fields of the user control panel to which you are only allowed to provide your own applicable information.
  • Do not accuse others of cheating, if you think somebody is breaking the rules send a private or ingame message to game staff
  • Do not post private messages this include direct quoting, screenshots links to said content or any other system you devise to bring the private messaging mechanics of this forum of KoC into the public
  • Do not post your recruit link in any area that will allow you to do so or any content that might circumnavigate this
  • Keep you alliance recruiting to your alliances specific thread in the Recruitment Board look we get alliance pride thats fine but any attempt at targeted recruiting outside of the areas designated is not ok
  • There will no posting of any content that breaks the Games rules as found here while we understand that healthy constructive debate can be a good thing and a certain level of good nature ball busting occurs those wishing to romanticize, promote or attempt to get others to break game rules heed this caution as it is a serious offense.
  • Specific boards may have there own rule threads and such, they are easy to find as they are normally pinned by a mod or admin. These are supplements to or variations of these forum wide rules not replacements for them.

the above might seem like alot but they are mainly common sense for anybody who has browsed the net before. any infractions on the rules above are reviewed on a case by case basis and may or may not include any verbal, written, or logged public or private warnings which again depending on the severity of the case and past user offenses may result int he following disciplinary actions
  • Editing of offending content
  • Suspension (Timed or conditional ban)
  • Account or IP Ban
  • Ingame variations of the above actions
We the forum staff team acknowledge that we are human and errors do sometimes occur so if you find yourself on the receiving end of a disciplinary action you perceive to be in error you are free to appeal it to a team member. this team member will either review the appeal or pass it along to the person who should be and then somebody will get back to you in the same form of communication you submitted the appeal in. please note this process takes as long as it takes and any attempt to harass a team member for a faster answer will reflect poorly on your behalf when the decision is being made. all verdicts to an appeal are final and not up for debate so we advise you bring as much relevant information as you can to the appeal to increase your chances of getting a verdict in your favor.
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