Relentless Legacy

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Relentless Legacy

Post by krisv » 3 years ago

Alliance name: Relentless Legacy

Relentless Legacy (RL) was created after the merge of RF and DL who both had a great and honorable past. RF being the oldest alliance in KoC and winning the most ages(with consecutive wins) in KoC history and DL finishing in top rankings every age. We are the only and therefore oldest alliance in Kings of Chaos history who has been top ranked every age and getting #2 in age 12 after a huge mass on TGF to take the rank.The reason for this is quite simple: we are different from all the other alliances. We have a different way of looking at things, a different way of doing things.

In RL we do not play for ourselves, but we play for RL and for each other. We will lose our entire armory for any member and therefore we expect every member to do the same. I will not lie to you, we are a demanding alliance. We expect loyalty in its purest form, because that is what we give you. We expect you to work hard for RL, because RL will work hard for you. We try to play and act as one. If one of us achieves something great, we all achieve that, every single RL member, no matter how small or big. Therefore we all work hard, so that RL can achieve great things, because then, every member achieves great things and we all gain from it. That is what makes us different. That is what makes us great. That is why no other alliance has, or ever will, match our greatness.

You have the opportunity to join us and see and help us do the impossible. When you join us, you will become part of something great. It is needless to say that you will get support in every aspect of the game, whether its basic tips, help with finding gold or the entire alliance fighting for you, you will get support when you need it. We are a war alliance, we have not and will not ever back down from a fight. We play the game the way it was meant to: we fight others and we steal gold from others. We play this game as a war game.
Fun is also a great part of RL's game play, hence why we play this game as a war game. RL is a great place to learn to play the game, but also to make friends. When you join RL you do not become part of an alliance, but you become part of a Legacy. The Relentless Legacy.

Our main account this age is played by Yoshi9nufc-RL and can be found here:

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