Dragons !

Post game suggestions for future Eras and Speed rounds.

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Dragons !

Post by tatertot » 1 year ago

How about an aesthetic change that does not change current game play. Change the "Safe" to Hoard or Dragon to better fit the game theme. Then change the levels to something like ....

1) Lead Dragon 5,000 10%
2) Copper Dragon 7,500 15%
3) Silver Dragon 17,500 20%
4) Gold Dragon 25,000 25%
5) Platinum Dragon 40,000 30%

Then change the safe illustration to a dragon on a hoard of gold. Have a different picture for each level - or not.
I would rather own a Dragon then a safe ;)
Safe is a misnomer anyway - just hit withdraw and see just how "safe" you gold is. :lol:

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Re: Dragons !

Post by bloodpirate » 1 year ago

and change spy to ninja .. and have all spy tools named after some ninja weapon

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