Era 8 race bonus preview

4/20/2020 - 8/20/2020

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#1 Drama-
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Top Ranked Alliance | #1 FFLOP | GLD
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Top Clicker | jfl88888 #551 365,655 Clicks | La Cosa Nostra

Top player for each race

Humans #65 : Marac-of-ShedoniaNWO
Dwarves #10 : Wizard
Elves #1 : Drama-
Orcs #5 : The_RMFz
Undead #6 : Alpatsjino-RB
Hobbits #2 : RelentlessLegacy

Biggest Turk Award | #7 : HoTiX-SR
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Re: Era 8 race bonus preview

Post by Dank » 11 months ago

bon trying to think of race bonuses:


I think they could use some slight adjustments but I like what you're trying to go for, adds more variety. But elves need to be nerfed, their way too strong in that layout, spy AND income?? like bruh... If you want people to pick different races and have variety don't make 1 insanely over powered. If you reduced the spy bonus that would balance that race a bit. Elves have been over powered for a few ages now be careful there.

adding things like % more casualties when you're attacked might be a good way to punish those who wish to go unhittable using those races, but should only be added if you have fixed new accounts being able to raid people. someone with 100-300b da shouldnt be able to be raided by someone who makes an account slays 1-2 days worth of turns and boom inrange of raiding, its even worse in its current state since theres NO protection from this at all right now. if you insist on the casualty "bonus" you should be implementing the old cap where people could not raid someone with more than x50 your SA (used to be x100 but with turn trading new accounts can get a few bil SA in a couple days once we're a few weeks into the era, x50 is good middle ground imo)

you also have no good sentry race currently but elves sitting at a massive 40% spy bonus....hell hobbits is even negative for some weird reason.if you wanted that to be a "banker" option that negative bonus needs to go MINIMAL. not having something to negate elves 40% spy bonus is horribly balanced, if you disliked crying about "rogues" this era, it will be tenfold next age when no one has a viable sentry option to race change to. Will force many mid/small accounts to rage quit when people start getting bored n chaining koc for giggles.

over all I actually really like the changes - or at least what it seems like you're aiming for, but if this isn't adjusted slightly in some form it will make for a shitty age for like 95% of KoC

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Re: Era 8 race bonus preview

Post by bloodpirate » 11 months ago

when you really think about it, you are punishing people for choosing a race with a negative bonus.

humans for example .. you give me more gold per minute and make me more susceptible to attacks by decreasing my defense .. basically, the extra gold i get has to be put into defense .. big deal, not worth being human.

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Re: Era 8 race bonus preview

Post by bloodpirate » 11 months ago

they are posted .. so many advantages to be undead. so many disadvantages to being anything else.

15% Income Bonus
40% Fewer Casualties
-5% Defense Bonus

10% Attack Bonus
10% Defense Bonus
60% Fewer Casualties
10% Spy Bonus
10% Sentry Bonus

humans get more gold, but loose 20% more casualties .. all those casualties would have produced more gold. undead have more bonuses elsewhere. which is better?

40% Defense Bonus
15% Sentry Bonus
Sustain 5% More Bloody Casualties

undead i think are better than dwarves too .. 65% less casualties .. plus other bonuses. the extra gold produced by those soldiers greatly offset the bit extra in def and sentry bonuses.

30% Spy Bonus
10% Income Bonus
-10% Attack Bonus

undead all the way

40% Attack Bonus
20% Defense Bonus
-10% Spy Bonus

will need help to use that extra attack bonus .. so, needs two players since they can't hunt on their own.

10% Income Bonus
20% Sentry Bonus
-5% Defense Bonus

undead all the way.

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