Anals of the Era (5) -Anals of Kings

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Anals of the Era (5) -Anals of Kings

Post by Prophet_Plurp » 1 year ago

The lands of Chaos have quenched itself in blood; And the War winds strength grows weary.

The Slave Warriors paid honors to the Chaos; preventing the Order from rising aNew.
But their rebellion was surrounded by the Crime Syndicate families; donating their blood to the sands.

The hordes of DEMK laid siege to lands of Relentless Brotherhood; the Brotherhood grinding down.
Relentless rose for the latter; surrounding the hordes.

For this I all witnessed; the God's and Land content, and I slumbered.

The Legion seeking glory cut the lands of Relentless Brotherhood in 2; availing the hordes.
Skirmishes ongoing and kings in hiding; the Relentless Brotherhood vanguard stands divided.

The Boar waits, blades sharp and enraged; their king fleeing with their wealth.
Intractable, the Boar moved to richer lands; sounder steadfast undivided and renewed.

For this I have all heard; the God's and Land satiated, and all kingdoms rest.

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Re: Anals of the Era (5) -Anals of Kings

Post by dirtyrat » 1 year ago

Do not queens have anals as well? But nicely done.
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