Era 5 Bug Reporting

?? - 1/18/2020

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Re: Era 5 Bug Reporting

Post by Squishy » 1 year ago

bloodpirate wrote:
1 year ago
A turn is taking place. Please try again in a minute.

this is a pain in the ass while clicking. is it on purpose?
yea it was to stop some writer issues if i can remember right when the game had alot more players since some of the crons functions trigger some pretty big data updates
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Re: Era 5 Bug Reporting

Post by drbrainsol » 1 year ago

You were repulsed by the Spectre!

You caused 0 damage and received 1,182,865,105 damage from the Spectre.

Conquest on Spectre level seems to be bugged. I can only cause 0 damage with my 2b+ SA.

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Re: Era 5 Bug Reporting

Post by bon » 1 year ago

Not a bug, its intentional.

Due to the abundance of exp per turn and the trade for turns in Era 4 the Spectre conquest was changed to only give exp, no gold and no repairs.

At this stage Spectre will not change.

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