Era 7 Bug Thread

4/20/2020 - 8/20/2020

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Dear Players,
Congrats to the below for their effort in Era 7!! (Top 5)

#1 Drama-
#2 RelentlessLegacy
#3 qiraL-
#4 Squishy_LoP
#5 The_RMFz

Honourable Mentions!

Top Ranked Alliance | #1 FFLOP | GLD
Smallest Army in Top 50 | #48 Killerclown_DEMK
Smallest Alliance in top 5 | RelentlessLegacy
Highest gold held at the end | #3 : qiraL- 10,824,247,846 Gold
Top Clicker | jfl88888 #551 365,655 Clicks | La Cosa Nostra

Top player for each race

Humans #65 : Marac-of-ShedoniaNWO
Dwarves #10 : Wizard
Elves #1 : Drama-
Orcs #5 : The_RMFz
Undead #6 : Alpatsjino-RB
Hobbits #2 : RelentlessLegacy

Biggest Turk Award | #7 : HoTiX-SR
Runner Up Turk Award | #6 : Alpatsjino-RB

Era 7 Final Stats

Era 7 Final Alliance Stats
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Era 7 Bug Thread

Post by Squishy »

As the name implies if you see a bug in KOC please report it here so the admins can get to fixing it asap. This thread may be updated from time to time to shown known issues that are being worked on so please be sure to check it as well as some of the more recent posts to be sure you are not reporting a bug already brought to attention. please keep in mind this is a beta age

please be sure to verify all bugs happen with all third party scripts turned off before reporting, koc is not responsible for how third party sources mess with the sites functionality.

Known Issues
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